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Wirral Development Trust is a limited company with charitable status and a trading arm operating as Wirral Development Trust.

As a direct result of the European Pathways initiative, a local partnership board, known as the Leasowe Regeneration Partnership Board (LRPB), was formed. From this group emerged the Wirral Development Trust (formerly the Leasowe Development Trust). Founded in December 2000, local people of Leasowe elected a Trust board to take on the role of a development agency and become the main provider for the delivery of services working on behalf of local people.

At about the same time, the area was designated a multi deprivation area through Neighbourhood Renewal. The Trust, in partnership with Wirral Borough Council (WBC) and LRPB, started proceedings to build a “Millennium Centre” in the heart of Leasowe. The Trust became the organisation that would manage the new Millennium Centre, attracting funds from both the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF). These funds were used to develop the Millennium Centre, establishing it as the main building for the provision of training and necessary services for local people. Services and facilities offered at the centre were brought together to help influence and contribute to the overall reduction of deprivation that exists within the area.

In February 2012 control of the Millennium Centre was taken over by Wirral Borough Council.  With continued support of our funders Leasowe Community Homes, the Trust was able to secure the necessary funding for the continuation of the job club which due to the impact of welfare reform has metamorphisised into a crisis advice centre, supporting residents with access to food banks, local welfare assistance and form filling for Government and Council offices and advocating talking to government agencies on behalf of residents.

In 2013 the Trust, through its membership of Locality, became the first organisation in Wirral to host the Community Organising programme developed through government office and part of the Localism Agenda.  This one year funded programme proved to be extremely successful in Leasowe and developed a number of community activities and enabled community members to take part in encouraging social change in their local area.  With extra funding from central government, we were able to appoint a Community Organiser for the trust which has adapted our strategy for community engagement and consultation.

Another key point of the Localism agenda is the introduction of  new powers for communities to have a bigger say on the planning policies that operate within their areas.  In 2013, Unity in our Community started the Neighbourhood Plan Journey to safeguard key existing features of the Leasowe Community.

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