The Wirral Development Trust Board comprises both local community members and professionals dedicated and committed to the ethos and workings of the Trust.

The Trust’s Board welcomes new members and is always interested to speak to people with specific skills in senior not-for-profit management, finance, legal and/or community development.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Trustee, please email the Director of the Trust, Jenni Jones.

Board Members

Chair – Karl Greaney


Karl is an experienced Debt Advisor Consultant who has previously managed Wallasey CAB, with over 25 years experience in the third sector.  Karl is also a trustee at Wirral Citizens Advice service.







Vice Chair – Paul Townley

IMG_8692Paul was brought up by his parents on Leasowe and his family still live on the estate. He has a wealth of experience within the NHS and is a state registered paramedic, having 40 years experience with the North West Ambulance Service. He has worked as a volunteer throughout his time in Leasowe and maintains an active role within the organisation. He also holds other positions within the Leasowe community where he shares his expertise for the benefit of the Leasowe community.






Company Secretary – Cllr Ron Abbey

Ron was part of the original group that was responsible for setting up the Wirral Development Trust (formerly known as Leasowe Development Trust) and has been Company Secretary ever since.  Ron has lived in the area for over 30 years and has previously served on Leasowe Communities Homes’s board.

Community Rep – Phil Moy


Phil is a local resident who is an active volunteer in his community.








Board Member- Steve Field

Steve’s recent experience is charity based around Mental Health but his previous work experience is in senior sales management where he was UK Sales Manager for two companies and Sales Director for another, however he was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety back in 2009.  Between 2010-2014 he lost his career, marriage and became homeless spending seven weeks in a homeless hostel.  It was at this point that he received the support to start what would be a full recovery and it was during this time that he could see the massive gaps in the system, using his entrepreneurial spirit he decided to retrain in Mental Health gaining new qualifications and firstly volunteering, then working for the YMCA run 56 bed hostel as a mental health dual addiction worker and then gained further experience in children’s services.  He now brings all this previous work and lived experiences together to maximum effect at Rethink mental health were he can really make a difference in eliminating stigma and discrimination, educating and introducing workplace well being to all organisations big or small.  Steve has spoken extensively about this experiences and the importance of raising awareness about Mental Health, especially in the workplace and has been quoted and has been quoted in a number media outlets including the Independent, channel 5 news and Hotelympia



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