Community Resources

Working with or making use of the Trust’s services allows our clients to access to a range of resources and equipment designed to make life easier and less traumatic when faced with demands imposed by third parties.

Services available:

  • Photocopying (£0.14 per black & white A4 sheet, £0.35 per colour A4 sheet)
  • Printing (£0.14 per black & white A4 sheet, £0.35 per colour A4 sheet)
  • Free printing for job applications & benefit claims
  • Free use and loan of computers
  • Free internet access
  • Travel support
  • Free use of telephone to DWP and for Job Applications
  • Equipment Loan through Bikeup Leasowe
  • Use of rooms and associated facilities
  • Activity equipment loans: goal posts, cricket equipment, tennis equipment etc.

For further information please either pop into Leasowe Millennium Centre, find us on Facebook or email us.

Registered Charity No. 1096933
Registered at Companies House, Cardiff.  Company No. 4124763