Employment and Drop-In Service

We offer a holistic service based on an in-depth knowledge of working with people, where finding the right job is not the only problem.

We understand the range of perceived and real barriers that challenge individuals when faced with the prospect of finding a job, returning to work or going to work for the very first time. Issues that most working people take for granted are often serious threats and challenges for those we work with.

It is this understanding that helps us to provide one of the most user-centred services on the Wirral. We work with people of all ages at their pace and support them at every step of the way. Furthermore, at the point where most agencies and organisations tick the box of ‘job done’, we continue to support people to ensure they have plenty of time to settle into their new lifestyle.


We’re working with unemployed people across the Wirral, delivering 1-2-1 support that gives them the skills they need to get into work.

It’s not just about training and qualifications, but looking at the bigger picture to ensure that people have the confidence, motivation and the resilience needed to get and keep a job- and, ultimately, to progress in that job.

Positive Directions will make sure that you have the right support and can develop the right skills to give you the best possible chance of getting a job and building a career.

It’s about much more than that though. We will:

  • Give you one-to-one personalised support through a named key worker
  • Help with your health and wellbeing
  • Support you to build your confidence, motivation and resilience
  • Ensure that you can learn and develop a range of useful skills through CV creation, work placements and more

What is the aim of Directions?

Our aim is to help you get and keep a job. We understand that it’s not that simple, so we will build a personalised plan that’s right for you. That means that you’re working on all the things that have stopped you from getting a job. If you live in the Wirral and would like to find out more, get in touch today using the contact details below.

What can you expect from us?

We will listen to you, support you and treat you with respect. We will inspire you to achieve your goals, while ensuring you have the right specialist support to give you the best chance of achieving your potential.

What do we expect from you?

We need you to keep your appointments with us, and to let us know as soon as possible if you have a problem with keeping an appointment. We need you to be honest with us, whether that’s telling us about changes in your situation, if there’s part of the programme that isn’t working for you, or if there’s something we can do better.

What is the European Social Fund?

The ESF is one of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), which are dedicated to improving social cohesion and economic well-being across the regions of the Union. The particular aim of ESF spending is to support the creation of more and better jobs in the EU, which it does by co-funding national, regional and local projects that improve the levels of employment, the quality of jobs, and the inclusiveness of the labour market in the member states and their regions.

Extras we provide:

  1. Free telephone use ONLY for employment or benefit related calls
  2. Free fax, photocopying and/or printing for employment or benefit related work
  3. Free CV builder and storage of information
  4. Help with online applications, letters, job descriptions and any other work that will assist you to identify, apply or take up an employment/training opportunity
  5. Free use of the internet and search facilities to help you locate that opportunity you want
  6. Staff who will endeavour to help you identify, achieve or do what suits you best in employment or training related subjects
  7. A comprehensive information, advice and guidance service to help with identifying the correct/appropriate career path
  8. Support completing Government Office forms, on line applications, claim forms and many more
  9. A dedicated member of staff is here to help, whatever your needs regarding application and form filling
  10. Training to go online in preparation for Universal Credit
  11. Food Bank Voucher Provider
  12. Volunteering Opportunities to move users closer to the labour market

For further information please either pop into Leasowe Millennium Centre, find us on Facebook or email us.